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As Americans, we entrust our elected officials to be the stewards of the country and to govern within the perimeters of the United States Constitution; sadly both political parties have disregarded the trust WE-THE-PEOPLE have bestowed upon them. The American people have awoken, realizing in order for the United States of America to remain a republican democracy WE-THE-PEOPLE must remain active participants in safeguarding liberty.

Northern Indiana Patriots was established to address the informational and educational needs currently lacking in Northwest Indiana. Patriots who seek to assist in safeguarding the country from the tides of tyranny are encouraged to participate. Information and education of the populace are vital in understanding issues to determine which action best aligns with Constitutional authority and protects individual freedoms. The focus of Northern Indiana Patriots centers on three fundamental principles:

1.) Restoring fiscal responsibility to all governmental entities be they local, state or federal. Without sound fiscal management by the government the freedoms and liberties we possess as Americans are threatened.

2.) Adherence to Constitutional liberties, centering on the limitation of expanded government intrusion in to the lives of all Americans. The Constitution specifically states the power given to the federal government with all remaining power not specified, remaining with the states. We support states rights.

3.) We believe free markets to be the the economic consequence of personal liberty. Government intrusion distorts the free market and inhibits the pursuit of individual and economic liberty. Therefore we support a return to the free market principles which this country was founded on.

While this group was established to unite those living in Indiana, we welcome all Liberty minded individuals to join and participate in protecting our Republic.
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