How do I make make text a clickable link?

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How do I make make text a clickable link?

Postby Anita C. » March 6th, 2011, 2:38 pm

How do I change my link into a text phrase?

Things work a little differently than on other sites, but with a little time this will become easier.

First off, when you are writing a post and see menu buttons (Quick Response does not have menu buttons), click the button labeled, “link2”.

You will see this in the body of your post: [link2][/link2]

Between the [link2] and [link2] boxes place the name or phrase that you want to show up and then the link/url itself, separated by a comma.

For example: [link2]Northern Indiana Patriots Forum,[link2]

The result will look like this:

There is nothing that I can do about the box surrounding the link at the moment.

If I find a better way to use text for links on phpBB3, or if someone else knows of a way, then we will post it here.
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