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Postby TMLutas » October 8th, 2011, 2:27 pm

Hello, I'm T. Michael Lutas (though if you google TMLutas you'll find more of my work on the Internet and in person I'm Michael or Mike). I'm very interested in participating in a local tea party group that's interested in focusing on the small government, core issues of the tea party. I am currently active in politics and run something called the Lake County Indiana Republican Liberty Caucus which is conceived as a small government home for liberty minded Republicans.

I'm a computer specialist (did you know that on Firefox and Safari, the Post button is not visible? I had to create the URL by hand to make this). Most recently I've been looking at getting the Election Board in Lake County to give out information digitally. Up to now it's been paper which makes it a lot more expensive to move things in the right direction. Hopefully the next EB meeting on 10/11 will finalize a rule on that. I'm interested in issues of honest government, transparency, and shrinking government down to the stuff that can't be done privately at the moment. I have the ability and the interest in creating tools to support freedom activists locally and am looking to work with others who share the core tea party goals of getting government down to a size we can afford and we can oversee.
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